2005 Oxford Symposium
Brasenose College • Oxford • August 7th to 12th

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please contact the Symposium coordinator at Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Presentation Presenter
Tragedy in the Making:  The Impossible Family

Master Caroline Willbourne
Bencher: Inner Temple
London, United Kingdom

Treating Mental Health as a Public Health Problem

Carleen Glasser,MA
Senior Instructor
William Glasser, MD
President and Founder: The William Glasser Institute, Chatsworth, California, United States        

Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI)
in School-Based Family Counseling

Sarah Fortune, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow:  University of Oxford Centre for Suicide Research, Department of Psychiatry,
Warneford Hospital,
Oxford, United Kingdom

SBFC in Bougainville:  The Vision and Challenge
of Starting from Scratch

Hans Everts, PhD
Coordinator of Counsellor Education and Senior Lecturer, School of Education,
University of  Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

An Interactive Qualitative Analysis of Counselling Students' Self-Efficacy Beliefs

Suzanne Bester, PhD
Supervisor:  Professional Training Department of   Educational Psychology Faculty of Education,
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Putting Parents in Charge

George Stone, LCSW
Mental Health Counselor:  State of Alaska Department of Corrections Seward, Alaska, United States          

Using Authority in School-Based Family Counseling

Gordon Askwith, DSW
lately Director, Children’s Aid Society of Halton County, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

The Family, Drug Addiction and School-Based Family Counseling

John Friesen, PhD
Emeritus Professor, Department of  Counselling Psychology, School of Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada

Intergenerational Social Inequities and Possibilities for Participation, Development and Learning in Danish Schools

Anne Maj Nielsen, PhD
Associate Professor:  Institute of Educational Psychology, The Danish University of Educational Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark

Building on a Good Thing:  Customizing the SST Model

Pamela Woodman, MA
Department of Psychology,Tabor College, Hillsboro,
Kansas, United States

Innovative Collaborations with Schools:  “Uncle-Long-Legs’ Letter Box” and “Y2K ICQ Counseling Project”

Yeung Ka Ching, PhD
Assistant Professor:  Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
The University of Hong Kong

School Based Cancer Education:
Myths, Medical Knowledge and Peer Acceptance

Vicky Tan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work & Psychology,
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Family Involvement in School-Based Treatment of Childhood Trauma

Theresa Kruczek, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director:  Counseling Practicum Clinic, Ball State University,
Muncie, Indiana, United States

Resilience in Abused South African Youth:  A Case Study

Mokgadi Moletsane, MA
Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology,
Faculty of Education,
University of Pretoria, South Africa

A School-Based Preventive Depression Programme Trial

Barbara Woods, MNZAC
Lecturer:  Counselling, Psychology,
Health & Human Development, Centre of Health & Wellbeing, Wellington Institue of Technology,    Wellington, New Zealand

Lessons from 30 Years of Supervising Students Working Systemically with Multi-Problem, Under-Resourced and Multi-Crises Families

James Cooksey, PhD
Associate Professor:  Spalding University and Program Administrator:  Cabinet for Health and Family Services of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,
Louisville, Kentucky, United States