2007 Oxford Symposium
Robert Black College • University of Hong Kong •
June 24th to 29th

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please contact the Symposium coordinator at Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Presentation Presenter
Applying Principles of School-Based Family Counselling to Preventive Intervention with Migrant and Refugee Families

Hans Everts, PhD
Editor:  International Journal for School-Based Family Counseling

School-Based Family Counseling:  A Personal Perspective


George Hong, PhD
Board Member:  Institute for School-Based Family Counseling & Professor: 
Division of Special Education and Counseling
California State University at Los Angeles

Ten Challenges in a University-School Partnership in School-Based Family Counseling

Alyse Danis, PhD
Judy Giampaoli, MA, MFT
Brian Gerrard, PhD
Betty Taylor, PhD

University of San Francisco, Center for Child and Family Development San Francisco, California, United States

Families affected by Parental Mental Illness:  Australian Programs, Strategies and Issues

Andrea Reupert, PhD
Lecturer:  School of Education, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia

Children in Family Proceedings:  Social Inclusion, Interventions and the Importance of the School Experience


Tom Billington, PhD
Senior Lecturer and Director:  Educational and Child  Psychology Group, School of Education, University of Sheffield and Independent Expert Witness, Child and Family Courts,
Sheffield, United Kingdom

The Use of Support Groups in the School


Zipora Shechtman, PhD
Professor:  Faculty of Education
University of Haifa,   Israel

Adventure Based Counseling in Schools

J. Scott Glass, PhD
Department of Counselor and Adult Education
East Carolina University, Greenville,
North Carolina, United States

Quality Parenting Project:  Implications for School-Based Family Counseling from the Study of Core Values on Parenting


Yeung Ka Ching, PhD
Assistant Professor:  Department of Social Work and  Social Administration,
The University of Hong Kong

Peer Consultation Groups

R.K. Janmeja Singh, PhD
Adjunct Professor:  School of Psychology,
School of Education, University of California at Berkeley, Dublin, California, United States

How Can Children’s Artistic Expressions Inform Research?  Analytical Perspectives for the Use of Children’s Artistic Expressions as Research Data 

Anne Maj Nielsen, PhD
Associate Professor:  Institute of Educational Psychology and Leader:  Research Project on Children’s Expressions and Learning,
The Danish University of Educational Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Oxford Symposium in Hong Kong:  International Collaboration—the Sharing of Experiences, Perspectives and Research

Hans Everts, PhD
Editor:  International Journal for School-Based Family  Counseling

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO:  Using School-Based Family Counseling to Make Breakups that Kids Can Live with

Patricia Davis, LPCC, NCC, NCSC
Family Therapist:  Especially For Families and Albuquerque Public Schools,
Belen, New Mexico, United States

High Achieving American Blacks:  Their Attitudes, Perceptions and Experiences toward School Counselors and School Counseling Services

James L. Moore III, PhD
Director:  Todd Anthony Bell National Resource
Center on the African American Male&
Associate Professor: 
Counselor Education and Coordinator:
School Counseling Program
The Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Studying Adolescents in Pregnancy and Early Motherhood:  Mental Health, Developmental Issues and Health Behaviour

Sandra Lancaster, PhD
Professor of Clinical Psychology & Director: 
Victoria University Psychology Clinic,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Helping Teachers Develop Productive Working Relationships with Families: The CORE Model of Family-School Collaboration

Kathleen Minke, PhD
Professor:  School Psychology Program
School of Education, University of Delaware,
Newark, Delaware, United States

Helping Children and Families During War

Bilha Noy, PhD
Head:  Psychological and Counselling Service
Ministry of Education, Jerusalem, Israel

Family Practice among School Dropouts in Hong Kong: 
A Critical Review

Lau Yuk King, PhD
Assistant Professor:  Department of Social Work,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin,
New Territories, Hong Kong

A Safe School Climate:  A Systemic Approach and the School Counselor

Thomas Hernández, PhD
Associate Professor:  State University of New York College at Brockport,
Brockport, New York, United States

Compulsory Public School Education and the Prussian Schedule:  Teacher as Healer Cristina Igoa, EdD
Adjunct Professor:  Educational Counseling Psychology, University of Notre Dame de Namur, Belmont, California, United States