2008 Oxford Symposium
Brasenose College • Oxford • August 10th to 15th

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please contact the Symposium coordinator at Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Presentation Presenter
The Development of a Comprehensive Research Agenda for
School-Based Family Counseling

Brian Gerrard, PhD
Symposium Director and Chair:
Institute for School-Based Family Counseling
San Francisco, California, United States

Peace Education for the 21st Century: 
Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Hilary Cremin, PhD
Director of Research:  School of Education
University of Leicester
Leicester, United Kingdom

Implementing Children’s Rights in the Ex-Soviet States

Carolyn Hamilton, LlB
Children and Families Commissioner:
Legal Services  Commission &  Professor: 
Department of Law and Director: 
Children’s Legal Centre,
University of Essex, Colchester, United Kingdom

Implementation of a School-Based Adlerian Mental Health Program in the Inner City:  Challenges and Opportunities

Kristin Velazquez Kenefick, PsyD
Core Faculty  &  Coordinator: 
CJA School Counseling Program
Adler School of Professional Psychology,
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Self Esteem:  What is Wrong with The Concept and
Why We Should Not Promote It!

Hilary Cremin, PhD
Director of Research:  School of Education
University of Leicester,
Leicester, United Kingdom

Children of War in US Schools


Cristina Igoa, EdD
Adjunct Professor:  Educational Counseling Psychology University of Notre Dame de Namur, Mill Valley California, United States

Learning and Practicing Strategic Family Therapy


Chaolu Quan, PhD
Lecturer:  School of Psychology,
Shandong Normal University
Jinam City, Shandong Province, China

The Challenges in Creating Relationship-Based
Practices in Residential Settings

Janet Poole, MA
Director:  Program for Infant/Toddler Care
Partners for Quality Regional Support Network
WestEd, Center for Child and Family Studies and
Sherry Squibbs, MA
Home Visitor:  Sacramento Educational Training   Agency, Early Head Start Program & Counselor: 
South Sacramento Counseling Center
Sacramento, Calif., United States

Mulberry Bush School at 60

John Agudelo, BA, PGDip, MA, MSC
Family Therapist:  Mulberry Bush School,
Standlake Witney, Oxford,United Kingdom

In Their Own Voices:  Factors That Influence Black American Males’ Career Trajectory in STEM

James L. Moore III, PhD
Director:Todd Anthony Bell
National Resource Center
on the African American Male
Associate Professor:
Counselor Education and Coordinator:
School Counseling Program,
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Ethical Issues in Collaboration with Familes and Schools

Teresita A. José, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology
Programme in Clinical Psychology Division of Applied Psychology
University of Calgary, and
Psychologist, Children’s Mental Health Portfolio
Calgary Health Region, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Heather José–Garmsen, BSW
Student:  Faculty of Social Work,
University of Calgary  &  Youth and Family Counselor I, Woods Homes, Parkdale Campus           
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Coping with School Bullying—Students’  &  Experts’ Views on Effective Strategies:  Development of a DVD Intervention for Use in Schools

Phillip T. Slee, PhD
Lecturer:  Human Development, School of Education, Flinders University, Adelaide
South Australia, Australia

Migration, Transnationalism and Family Life: 
Implications for School-Based Family Counseling
Maria Marchetti-Mercer, PhD
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Psychology
University of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Paternal Crime, Maternal Substance Abuse, Social Isolation, Embedded Racism, Boredom, Violence Coaching and the School System from Hell:  How Social and Environmental Features Fed a School Shooting in Bethel, Alaska

Jonathan Fast, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor: 
Wurzweiler School of Social   Work, Yeshiva University, New York, New York, United States

The Family System in Court:  A View from the Bench

Master Caroline Willbourne
Bencher: Inner Temple
London, United Kingdom

Creativity & Healing:  Expressive Arts and Families

Nancy Iverson, MD
Pediatric Consultant:  Comfort for Kids,
Hospice of the East Bay and Coordinator of Support Groups:  Living with Illness, and Living with Loss,    Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, Institute for Health and Healing, California-Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, California

Factors Affecting The Psychological Health of Children:  The Role Of Parental Tolerance

Virginia Corina Samaniego, PhD
Professor:  Facultad de Psicología y Educación, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Copper River Project: Laying the Foundation for School-Based Family Counseling with Alaska’s Indigenous Populations

Allan Morotti, PhD
Associate Professor &  Program Head: 
Counselor Education, School of Education,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks,
Alaska, United States