Upcoming Oxford Symposium at Brasenose College, Oxford

The 2010 Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling will be held at Brasenose College, Oxford, from August 8th to 13th 2010.

bulletin — January 2010

Academic program           
A list of prospective 2010 Symposium members follows below, correct as of January 25th and with presenters’ working titles where
available. There are presently 24 “seats” allocated.  Registration is still open.   Prospective 2010 Symposium members are advised that a wait list will be instituted once 26 seats are allocated. 
For more information please contact Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Cultural program
Details of the cultural program of the 2010 Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling at Brasenose College, Oxford will be posted online or please contact Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Symposium archive

The ninety-eight presentations to the Oxford Symposium since the inaugural conference in 2003 are a significance repository of knowledge and are now archived on


Moving the mouse to the “Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling” button in the left menu column will display the sub-menus 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003.  A search feature will be added to the website so that presenters with a particular topic may be more readily identified.  For further details of past Symposium presentations, or to be put into contact with presenters, please contact Ptrgeiger@aol.com

Prospective 2010 Symposium members

Dr. Ralph Cohen                                     Central  Connecticut State University
         Family Therapy in  Schools in Connecticut
Kit Bishop, MA                                        Westbrook Schools
Dr. Katheleen Laundy                             Psychologist,  Old Saybrook
Dr. Betty Sternberg                                 Central Connecticut State University         
Dr. Michael Carter                                  California  State University, Los Angeles
           presentation:  tba
Kim Cohen, LMFT                                  Marriage  and Family Therapist, Newington
Mr. Justin Dowdall                                  University of San Francisco
Dr. Hans Everts                                      University  of Auckland
           presentation:  tba
Dr. Brian Gerrard                                   University of San Francisco
Dr. David Heyne                                     University  of Leiden
           presentation:  tba
Dr. Patricia Vuijk                                    Hogeschool  INHolland
Dr. Teresita A. Jose                              University of Calgary
           Process and  supervision in counselor eduction:  how  School-Based Family             
           Counselors  are made effective
Peter Geiger, LMFT                              University  of San Francisco
Heather Jose-Garmsen,  MSW            Social  Worker, Calgary
Dr. Karen L. Mackie                               University of Rochester
          Preparing  Transformed School Counselors to Partner with School Based Family             
Counseling as a Systems Change Initiative
Dr. Alan Morotti                                      University of Alaska, Fairbanks
          A Discussion of Factors Impacting  Identity Development in Multiracial             
Prof. Tilla Olivier                                     Nelson  Mandela Metropolitan University
          How do  parents understand, adjust and manage their child diagnosed with     
Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
Janet Poole, MA                                    WestEd
         presentation:  tba            
Sherry Squibbs, MA                           WestEd
Dr. Joty Sikand                                      Hume Center
           presentation:  tba
Dr. R. K. Janmeja Singh                       University  of California at Berkeley
           Mental  Health Consultation to School Personnel:   The Beginning Process
Dr. Irene Wong                                      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
           presentation:  tba
Dr. Pamela Woodman                          Newton/Cloverdale Mental Health
     presentation:  tba
Dr. Gertina von  Schalkwyk                   University of Macau
          Co-action  and Co-construction of Relationship between Family and School