What Participants Say About the Symposium

oxford 2018 Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling
Brasenose College,
Oxford, UK,
August 5-10

What Do Participants Say They Like Best About the Oxford Symposium in SBFC?

“The positive attitude and the positive feedback that created a safe place.
The diversity of the presenters by their nationality, subjects of interest, and their role in their organizations.”

“The appreciating and warm ‘culture’ considering the sharing of the diverse contributions.
The opportunity to learn about the very different systems, circumstances and approaches – as well as research interests – to SBFC.”

“Warm accepting environment, diversity of presentations and international representation.
The context of a small symposium allowed for reflection and continuing discussion of presentations and opportunities for developing relationships with other members.”

“1. Size of the group. There was a lot of informal conversation and opportunity to learn more in depth each presenter’s work.
2. It follows that we develop very close relationships and respect each other’s work.
3. Relaxed and caring attitude of the organizers. Smoothly and apparently effortless functioning of the symposium.”

“The relaxed, collegial atmosphere – opportunities to learn, to share, to have fun. Well organized.”

“Collegiality, respectfulness, international and multicultural, ‘similarities and differences’, personal contacts made, ideas, re-awakening of one’s own learning.”

“Stimulating presentations; very good accommodations; great planned activities; plenty of opportunity for a meeting of the minds.”

“Meeting peoples from many different countries and agencies. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity, it has been a great experience.”

“The people who attended it, and their kind hearts.”

“The opportunity to meet & interact with such a lively & diverse group!”

“Overall, this Symposium, like others, was a grand adventure, a great learning week, and good time with like-minded spirits.”

“Collegiality, camaraderie, intimacy of the group, importance of the subject matter, schedule, format, group activities, size of group, research forum.”

“New ideas from colleagues, camaraderie, support for guests. Wonderful connections!”

“The topics of presentations, quality of people and interaction were outstanding. The location was enticing and the schedule was reasonable.”

“Hearing the wide variety of experiences and practices for practitioners. It expands one’s mind which is surely the purpose of the Symposium.”